Would you like more transparency in your IT organization?
If you?d like to receive reports showing you precise and the extremely accurate budget vs actual numbers for your IT organization, then the answer is an emphatic ?Yes?.

Cost transparency software - IT Fact
Thanks to our unique cost transparency calculation software ?IT Fact? your managers will be able to create these reports at regular intervals, or at anytime, instantly at your request!

Budget forecasting
If you?d like to receive trustworthy, substantiated budget growth forecasting figures for your next budget cycle your managers will be able to give them to you thanks to ?IT Fact?.

Fiscal Management
If you?d like to enlarge or streamline your IT organization, reports from your managers, generated by ?IT FactS? will be able to give you the additional IT cost ? or IT savings respectively.

If you?d like to know the actual (or current) IT cost of different companies (or business units) under your control ? your managers will be ale to give you these figures at any time ? thanks to ?IT Fact?.
Is IT transparency good or bad for your corporation?
Budget Planning
IT transparency can only be good for your corporation. When choosing and implementing the proper array of transparency tools, such as ?IT Factory? and ?IT Fact?, your managers will be able to generate reports which can give you a precise status of your approved IT budget at any time:
budget vs actual cost forecasts, IT investment forecasts, cost control, project costs, cost of other IT resources, including personnel costs.
Would you like to have more control over IT cost in your company?
Cost Control
As an IT Director and sponsor control of the IT Department budget you approved is crucial knowledge for you. Your IT managers will be able supply you with instant budget reports at any time you ask them for a budget update. These reports will enable you to drill down into infinite detail ? with just a couple of clicks, should you need to understand the detail behind the numbers ? giving a snapshot of budget vs. actual at any time.
Would you like to better control IT project cost?
Department Heads and Project Managers: IT Fact has the capability of calculating the precise hardware and software costs of any given project.
Would like automated IT financial reports for your auditor?
If you are a Team leader (Lead) - IT Administrator ? Project Manager you can create report at any time thanks to IT Fact. Reports such as
How to automatically generate reports for your IT leadership
If you are a CTO, CIO, CFO, COO you would greatly appreciate precise IT cost-data (short-term, mid-term or long-term) ? on a moment?s notice ? such as requests from auditors or the CEO. You would want to know and understand retrospective cost data as well as prospective IT costs ? you want to clearly know how your IT investment is doing. Thanks to IT Fact your managers will be able to give precise answers to all your queries regarding your IT investment and the return this investment is bringing you. IT Fact creates the transparency you need.
Would you like to know how your IT organization is doing?
If you are in IT middle management you will be interested in building an IT Factory, which is an operations management model and the key ingredient on the path to IT transparency. Build an IT Factory in your IT organization and create safety and transparency in all your IT management processes
You can build the IT Factory gradually. It is scalable and can be grown organically. It is the ultimate transparency tool:

Why should you build an IT Factory?
If you are an IT Auditor interested in precise financial data out of your IT department our transparence tools, including IT Fact will be invaluable for your auditing and controlling responsibilities. Or if you were charged with, through an audit, whether the organization is getting the maximum business value from its IT systems, reports generated by IT Fact will give you the data needed to answer this question and/or make recommendqtions. As an auditor by employing our IT transparency tools you will be able to strongly support the IT leadership, in the ongoing process of aligning information technology goals with strategic business objectives.

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